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ps damian & kayla ninsaeng

Pastor Damian and his wife Mikayla have been faithful members in the Central Church before pastoring the Mt Roskill church in 2023.
Pastor Damian, who pioneered our thriving Mt. Roskill church, has been appointed as our assistant pastor to assist with the leadership and growth of the Auckland Central Church.

shane & shantelle faleapa

​Shane and Shantelle radically experienced the love of God in 2021 where they re-committed their lives to Jesus. Since then, as a couple they opt to be a reflection of God’s mercy & undeserving grace.


Together they are serving with open hearts and a open home as they lead their connect. They look forward to all God has planned.


​Loma and Aleta have got saved in 2020 and since then they have showed great faithfulness to God's Word through their servant leadership and care for people.


Loma was the main actor in our recent "Will They Remember Me" drama, which encapsulated his testimony. 

dylan & nicole gillespie

​Dylan and Nicole were married in January of 2022. They both have served God passionately at a young age and have been faithful members in church. 


The Gillespie's are very excited to see God move in 2024!

richard & jayne sanipati

​Richard and Jayne are one of the founding couples at the Onehunga Potter's House Church.


They both continue to shine the light of the gospel by planting themselves firmly in God's will. 


Mycesan and Monica have seen God move incredibly in their lives. They both were recently married in July, 2022.


Monica has been a faithful pillar in church since the age of 13 and Mycesan has been a stalwart in our church since he got saved in 2017.


Together they are excited to see all that God will do in 2024!


Jonah and Tricia have been faithful members getting saved in their teens.

Married in 2023, A power couple on the rise. Together they look forward to opening their homes and hearts to people.


Joe & Okorau fulu

Joe and Okorau have seen God move powerfully with the Miracle of their son Samuel.
A faith filled couple available for Gods use. They're excited to see all that God has for them this year.

lex & dakota toniu

Lex & Dakota saved in 2022, have made the right choices since.

They faithfully prayed for and were blessed with their son Adullum.
First time connect leaders stepping up.

The Tonius are excited to grow in this year!


Our connect leaders are passionate about helping you be the best you can be in Christ. Join one of our connect groups for a night of food, fellowship and faith. They can't wait to meet you!

jeremiah & valerie ili

Jeremiah and Val saved in 2022 are first time connect leaders. 

Jeremiah saved radically during Miracle May of 2022. 
Valerie who leads our Mums and Bubs Ministry.
They are a great asset to our church.

They are excited to see what God will do in 2024!

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